Logan College of Chiropractic Joins Growing Chorus of Subluxation Deniers

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Logan College of Chiropractic Joins Growing Chorus of Subluxation Deniers

Dean of College Says Vitalism Based on "Dogmatic Beliefs"

The wave of subluxation denialism has been spreading rapidly through the profession with the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada well under the grip of the Subluxation Deniers who control the Chiropractic Cartel.

While the effects in the United States have been slower to take root, they are taking root nevertheless with several chiropractic schools and their administrators that have taken a very public stance - sometimes openly denigrating the practice of managing vertebral subluxation while embracing broad scope diagnosis and treatment including the use of prescription drugs.

If not openly denigrating the practice of managing vertebral subluxation the schools and/or its leaders have embraced the American Chiropractic Association's new brand and standards which leaves subluxation management impossible to provide.

These schools include the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences, Texas Chiropractic College, Parker University, Palmer College and the University of Western States College of Chiropractic.

Logan College of Chiropractic now joins that growing list.

At the Association of Chiropractic College's & World Federation of Chiropractic's 10th Annual Chiropractic Education Conference held in the United Kingdom October 24-27 2018, the Dean of the College of Chiropractic at Logan, Vincent DeBono DC, CSCS, presented his research on the philosophy of interns entering Logan's clinics.

The majority of students (66%) identified as Broad Scope Primary Care.

According to DeBono's presentation Broad Scope Primary Care is defined as:

"Primary practice philosophy is based on the diagnosis, management and triage of non-emergent conditions"

In his paper, DeBono make several outlandish and factually incorrect or false claims regarding the practice of chiropractic in a vitalistic, subluxation model. These types of logical fallacies are now routinely utilized by subluxation deniers in an effort to pepper the peer reviewed literature with their beliefs in order to give the appearance that they are based on facts when they are not.

The journals publishing their false claims are either complicit in the efforts, or in the case of journals outside of chiropractic, are unaware of the intellectual sleight of hand they are engaging in.

In his paper Debono sets up a false dichotomy in regards to the management of vertebral subluxation in a vitalistic model comparing it to his broad scope primary care and proclaiming that vitalistic subluxation care cannot be "evidence based".

These lies are being repeated constantly to students on chiropractic college campuses across the profession while at the same time not being exposed to the actual truth. It makes sense in this type of environment that DeBono says he found only 18% of students at Logan identify in a vitalistic model.

DeBono goes on in his paper to state:

"The basis of vitalism and the tenets of this type of practice are based on dogmatic beliefs that are not evidence informed".

"In the vitalism practice model the information presented is not high quality evidence . . ."

DeBono concludes his paper stating:

"The philosophical constructs of a chiropractor may negatively influence practice behavior in the shared decision making process and delivery of evidence informed care plans."

In an effort to lend support to his argument that such practice is marginal and based on dogmatic beliefs DeBono references a paper in a Cartel journal written by a first year chiropractic student with a known Subluxation Denier as co-author.

The educational conference was put on by the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) and the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC). These two organizations are key players in the Chiropractic Cartel which has a monopoly control over the educational and licensing functions of the entire chiropractic profession.

Despite the ACC and WFC's blatant support and promotion of the deliberate marginalization of the practice of subluxation management, all of the Chiropractic Colleges in North America are dues paying members and supporters of the ACC and WFC except for Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Making matters worse, both the International Chiropractors Association and the American Chiropractic Association are full voting members of the WFC according to their website.

The International Chiropractor's Association has historically claimed that the ICA is "going to change the WFC from within". Unfortunately the only change that has occurred is that the WFC and the rest of the Cartel has gained more power and control over the profession. As a result, the practice of locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations has become increasingly marginalized and in some cases like Australia, the UK and Canada - effectively outlawed.

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