Florida Would Become a "Diploma Mill" for chiropractors if CCE Only Language is Removed Says Keiser University Lobbyist

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Florida Would Become a "Diploma Mill" for chiropractors if CCE Only Language is Removed Says Keiser University Lobbyist

Says Keiser is afraid it would be "dangerous to go to a chiropractor" who has not met CCE Standards

In disjointed testimony that was hard to follow and at times to even understand, Jon Miller, Director of External Affairs at Keiser University, testified before the Florida House Health Quality Subcommittee on March 19, 2019. He was opposing a Bill (HB 873) to remove "CCE Only" Language from the statute that gives the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) a monopoly in the state of Florida.

Miller wasted no time during his testimony getting to the fear mongering mirrored by the Florida Chiropractic Association and the Palmer Colleges. Miller stated the bottom line was to "protect the consumer who is the student and the public at large" and that the FCA and Keiser's fear was that Florida would become a Diploma Mill stating:

"The Florida Chiropractic Association opposes this bill. Our fear is that removal of this certification would lead to Florida becoming a diploma mill for chiropractors."

Does this gentleman even realize that the State of Florida does not issue diplomas?

Miller then asked the House Committee:

"Would you go to a lawyer who had not been part of the Florida Bar, would you trust a doctor who's not met the minimum standards of the AMA? Similarly for our profession these are the certain standards that are set out and we're afraid that it would be dangerous to go to a chiropractor who has not met these minimum standards by peers in their profession."

Shamefully, Miller did not do his homework before he testified to the Florida House Subcommittee. His rhetoric about a doctor meeting the standards of the AMA has no bearing on an MD getting licensed in Florida. In fact, the language in the statute to get a medical license is exactly what the proposed chiropractic bill is asking:

"Be a graduate of an Allopathic US Medical School of a school recognized and approved by the US Office of Education"  

Of course all of this nonsensical testimony by representatives from the FCA, Keiser, Palmer and National just relies on fear in order for the CCE to maintain its monopoly over the educational and licensing functions of the entire profession.

Facts seemed to be optional from these grown men that purport to represent the profession. Their statements are an embarrassment to everyone in the profession - whether they were made based on pure ignorance or with malice.

In his testimony, Miller referred to the "President" of Keiser's Chiropractic Medicine Program (Michael Wiles) who also provided testimony before the House Committee. Miller apparently does not know that Wiles is not their President but the Dean.

Wiles went further in his testimony with the "danger to public health" theme trotted out by the CCE loyalists. Wiles used unfounded fear mongering that removing "CCE Only" language would "endanger public safety" and "threaten the safety of the citizens of the State of Florida".

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The truth is that the language in HB 873 simply allows for acceptance by other accrediting agencies recognized by the USDE. So any agency would still have to have USDE approval.

Just no monopoly.

Plus, all schools would still have accreditation through regional accreditors.

Besides all of that no one can get licensed unless they pass all parts of National Board exams. So unless Miller, Wiles, the FCA, Palmer and National are concerned that the NBCE is worthless, that regional accreditors are worthless and that the USDE is worthless - the concern is unfounded and reveals the true motive: CONTROL.

According to the NBCE for example, their exams:

". . . offer assurance to the general public that, regardless of where a chiropractor went to school or was licensed, he or she has demonstrated a baseline of knowledge as well as ability in diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, principles of chiropractic, associated clinical sciences and chiropractic practice."

So in order to get licensed to practice chiropractic one must graduate from a regionally accredited institution and in some cases one with a chiropractic accreditor recognized by the USDE and take and pass all parts of the NBCE Exams.

So even without CCE Only language no one is getting a Florida license without having been deemed competent many times over. In fact, the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine feels so strongly about the NBCE that they turned over Florida's jurisprudence exam to the NBCE despite the State of Florida telling them to do away with the exam completely.

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So powerful is the CCE's control over the profession that attorney Anne Neal, who was on the NACIQI Committee during the 2013 Hearing for consideration to renew the CCE with the Department of Education, compared the CCE to Tony Soprano and the mafia stating:

"Now it may get to the broader issue which was raised earlier that in a monopoly situation, the climate of fear that we've been hearing about, that probably happens because frankly when you're accepting these standards in a monopoly situation, that's about as voluntary as accepting an offer from Tony Soprano, so I think that's the issue we really are dealing with here. But I'm very concerned that we've got to play fair with everyone, and I'm not sure we're playing fair or the Department is playing fair."

It was during that very same hearing that several members of NACIQI encouraged the chiropractic profession to bring forth another accrediting agency that they could consider for recognition. One of those individuals was Art Keiser who coincidentally is the Chair of NACIQI and is the President of Keiser University. But now Keiser is against it.  

According to his online profile Miller is Director of External Affairs at Keiser University and is responsible for Oversight of State & Federal Government Relations and Business Development.

Describing himself he states:

"Dedicated and driven professional with diverse background having worked at the federal, state, and municipal level as well as in the private sector. I am currently a lobbyist for higher education institutions and have been a small business owner, an elected official, media relations, political campaign manager, Congressional relations, and in law enforcement. Don't make excuses as to why something is not possible, tell me how we are going to make it happen!"

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