Handling Social Media Complaints and Negative Reviews

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Handling Social Media Complaints and Negative Reviews

Remember - What You Are Writing is on the Internet

We recently witnessed a chiropractor respond angrily to a patient that wrote a negative review about him and his office. Let's just say there was some colorful language followed by a threatening voice mail left on the patient's phone.

The patient followed up with a board complaint.

Then the board requested the chiropractors records. Let's just say they were not up to standards.

So now, in addition to an unprofessional conduct charge, the chiropractor also has to deal with issues in regards to his record keeping, x-ray shielding and collimation and his billing practices.

All because of a bad review.

How could he have handled it?

Focus on correcting any errors in facts providing explanation where there is any misunderstanding.

Be careful not to state anything that could be construed as an admission of guilt. For example, if the patient accuses you of making them worse, do not feed that narrative. Be empathetic but don't take on responsibility for something there is no way to know you caused or contributed to.

Whatever you do - don't get into an argument. Be the calm, adult, professional in the room. Your goal is to bring the situation to a resolution you can both live with while at the same time showing others who view the post that the patient may not have been fair in their assessment and review of their encounter in your office.

In terms of prevention and ameliorating bad reviews, have a system in place where you ask your patients to post about good experiences they have had with you and your office. One or two negative reviews will be lost in a series of positive ones and may even add credibility. Is everyone really going to love you and not have any complaints?

Social media can be a toxic place and it is easy to get dragged into negativity. Just remember that you are a doctor and express yourself in the fashion expected of someone of that status not matter how tempted you are to get down in the dirt.

Whatever that patient said is not worth a visit from a state board investigator.

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