ACA Surveys Their Membership on Drug Issue in Chiropractic

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ACA Surveys Their Membership on Drug Issue in Chiropractic

In a survey distributed to their membership, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) asked
chiropractors to rate their level of agreement on issues pertaining to the mission of the ACA.  One of the survey items asks members to rate their level of agreement on whether the “ACA should continue its policy of supporting the right of every DC to practice to the fullest scope possible within each state practice act.”  The Foundation interprets this statement as a stance by the ACA in support of drugs in chiropractic as long as the scope allows for it.

Once again, a document by the ACA highlights their main concern - insurance reimbursement. A
majority of the survey questions concern the inclusion of drugs in chiropractic scope or third
party payments, including the notion of opting out of Medicare.  Also notable is the fact that the creators of the survey claim leadership for the "ACA-led SUMMIT," which has been previously advertised as a committment to equal partnership by multiple organizations including the ACA and ICA. 

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation urges the leadership of the profession to focus on promoting the unique service that chiropractic provides. At the same time the Foundation stresses the need for chiropractors to develop and implement strategies in the marketplace that move them away from insurance dependence as opposed to becoming more dependent on third party pay. The Foundation also urges caution for those organizations and groups that lend their name and support to organized efforts that do not have the best interests of the profession or the patients it serves in mind. Such actions under the guise of “unity” do not further the agenda of conservative, traditional chiropractic but only weaken it.

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