Doesn't the Word "Subluxation" Sound Unscientific To You?

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Doesn't the Word "Subluxation" Sound Unscientific To You?

Florida Association Pushes for Expansion

According to their website, the Florida Chiropractic Physician Association, Inc. (FCPA) has "always stood for expansion of your rights and offered great seminars where the education is not based on the old unscientific philosophies  of the past, but modern medicine and proven natural ways to cure the sick." 

FCPA has a history of challenging the Florida Board of Chiropractic on restrictive injectable rulings.  They have also offered weekend courses on procedures which are outside the general realm of chiropractic practice, including  injectable nutrition, EKG, suturing, phlebotomy, and pelvic Gynecology examination on live patients.  They claim the training provided by FCPA allows chiropractors to "offer more services to the public..." and "increase your standing in the community and allow you to generate more revenue."  The "new" FCPA is focused on "the expansion of your rights as a Primary Care Physician" and states: “Doesn't the word "subluxation" sound unscientific to you?”

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