Majority of Canadian Chiropractors in BC Demand Medical Freedom

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Majority of Canadian Chiropractors in BC Demand Medical Freedom

Resolution Passed by 78% is at Odds with Canadian Chiropractic Cartel

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) held Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 78 per cent of those in attendance voted in favor of a resolution to "maintain the right to medical freedom of choice" for chiropractors.

The Resolution submitted by Mark Foullong DC states:

Be it resolved… That the CCBC take a stand to protect and maintain the right to medical freedom of choice for all health/medical interventions for BC registrant chiropractic doctors (not impose any conditions on licensure) and BC chiropractic patients (not impose conditional or discriminatory access to chiropractic care). That CCBC registrants and chiropractic patients in BC maintain the right to choose medical privacy and have honoured their medical privacy, and further their right to choose whether or not to engage in health/medical procedures free of coercion, manipulation or mandates.

The Resolution is at odds with the Canadian Chiropractic Association which has not only been promoting vaccination for COVID but has encouraged and actually helped inject their fellow Canadians with the experimental cocktails saying it is "proud" of its members who have volunteered to inject Canadian citizens.

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Other chiropractic groups and organizations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States have embraced COVID vaccination for themselves and have joined the effort to inject people where this is allowed and have lobbied to get chiropractors the right to do it where it does not yet exist. Even schools such as Western States and Northwestern in the US are pushing for chiropractors to be able to inject the experimental drugs. Meanwhile the Association of Chiropractic Colleges has remained silent on this behavior by its member schools.

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"For the past almost two years now the chiropractic profession has witnessed a complete lack of leadership on this and related issues" stated Matthew McCoy DC, MPH Vice President of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation. McCoy continued "Not only have individuals, trade associations, regulatory and testing entities in chiropractic failed to lead in this area, they have exhibited outright cowardice. Dr. Foullong and his fellow chiropractors in BC deserve a great deal of respect and support for what they have done."

The Resolution on medical freedom was not the only one submitted at the meeting. Resolutions related to X-rays, referral rights, post graduate credentials, arbitration and research were also submitted.

The Resolutions come after several years of attacks on chiropractors in British Columbia by the College of Chiropractors on those it regulates who practice in a subluxation model.

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Indeed, so blatant is their bias towards those who practice in a subluxation model that the College itself is now under investigation by the Health Professions Review Board for not investigating complaints submitted against Board members of the College.

So egregious has been their conduct that just last month, Michelle Da Roza, the college registrar, was found guilty of dismissing complaints about the websites of two board members without forwarding them to the college's inquiry committee for investigation.

The review board described this as "troubling and unreasonable" and the college was ordered to conduct fresh investigations into both complaints.

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