CCE Calls for Council Nominations

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CCE Calls for Council Nominations

On June 18, 2012 The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) posted an announcement on its website seeking nominations of qualified individuals to fill 11 positions on the Council. 

These positions will be filled at the conclusion of the January 2013 Annual Council Meeting.

According to the announcement all nominees should possess the willingness and ability to meet the time commitment of a Councilor, which includes attending the Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings (January and July), significant preparatory work prior to each of these meetings, committee participation and associated meetings, and the ability to respond to Council communications in a timely manner.

According to the CCE Bylaws the Council shall serve as the policy and decision-making body of the CCE and is responsible for all matters pertaining to the accreditation status  of Doctor of Chiropractic Programs, institutions housing them, or solitary purpose chiropractic institutions.   For all purposes the Council performs all the functions of a board of directors. 

The Council is composed of at least 13 and no more than 24 Councilors.  Not more than two Councilors may be from the same institution housing a DCP, or solitary purpose chiropractic institution, and not more than three Councilors may be DCP Chief Administrative Officers or the equivalent position at an institution housing a DCP or a solitary purpose chiropractic institution at any given time.

Councilors are elected from candidates provided by the Council Development Committee. The Council Development Committee shall develop ballots based on the names of individuals submitted to the CCE Administrative Office by members of the chiropractic, academic and/or professional communities, and/or the public at large.  The nominees shall reflect diversity of academic expertise, professional activities and affiliations, geographic location, and shall provide opportunities for all CCE-accredited DCPs or institutions housing CCE-accredited DCPs and professional communities. 

The CCE Bylaws state that Councilors shall not serve in any official capacity as an officer, Board member or employee of any related, associated, or affiliated trade association or membership organization while serving as a Councilor. The CCE does not provide a list of what they consider a related, associated, or affiliated trade association or membership organization on their website.

The CCE Bylaws also state that Councilors shall not engage in activities that may result in a conflict of interest with their duties on the Council but they do not provide any examples of the types of conflicts that might arise.

Nominations must be received by the CCE Administrative Office by Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 4:30 PM PST


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