ICA Elections Announced

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
ICA Elections Announced

Opposing Candidates to Official Slate Accused of Violating By-Laws

According to an announcement from the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), election ballots will be mailed on March 25, 2013 for three top ICA officer positions, the Canadian Director and four US Regional Directors.

According to the announcement the ICA Nominating Committee has selected the following slate as their official committee nominees:

  • Dr. Corey B. Rodnick for President
  • Dr. R.J. Kelly for Vice President
  • Dr. Stephen P. Welsh for Secretary-Treasurer
  • Dr. Daniel A. Schaeffer for Canadian Regional Director
  • Dr. George B. Curry for Northeast Regional Director
  • Dr. Donald M. Reno for Central Regional Director
  • Dr. Claire M. Welsh for Southern Regional Director
  • Dr. James E. Musick for Western Regional Director

Dr. RJ Kelly, who was slated for Vice President, recently suffered an untimely death and as of press time there has been no announcement from the ICA regarding this position.

In an unexpected turn of events there is an opposing slate of candidates led by Dr. Mike McLean and Ron Oberstein running against those that were officially nominated. Following the opposition’s announcement the ICA sent out an email accusing McLean and Oberstein of violating the By Laws of the ICA.

According to an e-mail from the ICA with the subject line: ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE:

“Article V, entitled ICA Stationery and Indicia, of the BY-LAWS of the International Chiropractors Association, Section 4 requires that all candidates for elected office observe certain constraints in conducting their campaigns. It specifically states that:

ICA stationery and/or indicia shall not be used to infer or imply that a candidate for office in ICA has official ICA backing. Any soliciting by and for candidates shall be accomplished through personal efforts and not as an Association official. Abuse of discretion in campaigning or soliciting of support is unethical and not in accordance with the standards of ICA membership.”

Referring to the McLean/Oberstein e-mail, the ICA e-mail continued:

“On February 21, 2013 a campaign e-mail was distributed by potential candidates that incorporated the official logo of the ICA in direct violation of the ICA BY-LAWS.”

The original announcement from McClean Oberstein included the ICA’s logo.

In an apparent attempt at humor or sarcasm a follow-up email from McClean/Oberstein did not include any ICA insignia and included the following statement:

“No Animals, Logos, Indicias, and ICA By-Laws were harmed or violated in the production of this email.”
McLean and Oberstein’s slate also includes the following individuals:

  1. Grow ICA to Historical Membership Levels While Increasing the Leadership Roles of Women in the ICA
  2. Reform the CCE
  3. Keep Drugs & Surgery Out of Chiropractic and Keep Subluxation In
  4. Increase Student Enrollment
  5. Social Media Exposure
  6. Increase Membership Value

The official slate of ICA candidates has not put forth a plan or vision that could be found as of press time.


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