Netherlands Tells ICA to "Mind its Own Business"

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Netherlands Tells ICA to "Mind its Own Business"

ICA Says Netherlands Re-Defining Chiropractic

According to an August 13, 2013 article in the ICA Newsletter, the Netherlands Chiropractic Association (NCA)is preparing to re-define chiropractic:

"Here is what's happening in a nutshell. The NCA (Netherlands Chiropractic Association) wants to
"brand" chiropractic more along the mechanistic lines, removing the word "subluxation" and discrediting the theory of "innate intelligence" as unproven science. Not all members of the NCA are on board, but this is the path the leadership has chosen to take. There is a meeting scheduled for later in September between the NCA and the Minister of Health to discuss the possible future role of Chiropractic in the Netherlands. It is imperative that all Chiropractors who believe in practicing Vitalistic Chiropractic in the Netherlands come together. This is a defining moment for Chiropractic in the Netherlands, and we need to stand up and fight for that sacred trust which was bestowed upon us. The ICA has been keeping on top of this situation, and at this moment in time, documents are being translated into English so we can understand every aspect of the situation and help the ICA chiropractors in The Netherlands remedy this as quickly as possible."

Reaction from the Netherlands was strong with the President of the Netherlands Chiropractic Association (NCA) Vivian Kil, saying that the ICA interference leads to unnecessary division within the profession. In addition, Professor Cynthia Peterson at the chiropractic program of the University of Zürich stated plainly:

"The ICA needs to mind its own business!"

Here are the full texts of their statements:

President of the Netherlands Chiropractic Association Vivian Kil:

"The NCA wishes to express that the interference of the ICA has been especially inappropriate at this moment in time, as there has been no previous communication with the NCA about the issue. Would they have done so, the misinterpretation of the document and its context could have been easily resolved. The NCA regrets it that a respected professional organization reacts solely based on misunderstood rumors as this leads to unnecessary further division within the profession. Chiropractic has more than enough challenges in dealing with such issues outside our beloved profession we don't need any extra from within. It would be good policy of the ICA to verify facts and ask for interpretation before judging, reacting and blaming."

Professor Cynthia Peterson of the University of Zürich:

"The ICA needs to mind its own business. Although they call themselves 'international', they are really American. As an American myself living in Europe I get very angry when people from the US think they have the right to tell other countries what they can and cannot do. The ICA has virtually ruined the profession in the states and spreads their viruses internationally when allowed. Many European countries have an excellent situation for chiropractic and the only way this will continue is to move forward scientifically. The word 'subluxation' is also strongly frowned upon in Switzerland and 'innate intelligence' is not mentioned in the mandatory 2 year post-graduate program."

Øystein Ogre D.C. FEAC, who is President of the European Chiropractors Union (ECU) and a vocal Subluxation Denier says: "We've had enough of it."

Calling the ICA "...a small chiropractic association in the United States" Ogre stated that the ICA has tried to become an international player for many years but "has never succeeded."

Stating that the ICA "has no authority in Europe" Ogre made the accussation that one of the ICA's main activities is to "...encourage and maintain a division of the chiropractic profession..."

Ogre claims that the ICA has breached a so called "Policy Statement" of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) dealing with non-intererence and respect for national authority and that the ECU will make a formal protest to the ICA while at the same time filing a complaint to the WFC on one of their members.

The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) is a full and voting member of the World Federation of Chiropractic. The WFC is considered to be an international arm of the Chiropractic Cartel which seeks to expand the scope of practice of chiropractic to include primary care and prescription drugs.

The ICA has historically maintained that the WFC was "started" by the ICA and that although it has been hijacked by allopathic elements this somehow justifies remaining involved and trying to "change it from within". A similar excuse and strategy is given by the ICA for its continued involvment in the Chiropractic Summit even though the Summit's declared objectives are not consistent with historic ICA principles including the adoption of physician status for chiropractors.

This "change from within" strategy has been echoed repeatedly anytime vocal elements within or outside the ICA suggest that the ICA should exert its own power nationally and internationally instead of giving credence to those elements with the profession who seek to alter the fundamental nature of the profession. "You either have a seat at the table or you are on the menu" is the typical refrain one hears.

It is expected that any complaint made to the WFC will be handled internally and quietly with no further mention of it's resolution in the future considering the ICA's role in the WFC.

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