Institute of Medicine Releases Vaccine Report

Matthew McCoy DC, MPH

If you are like me your inbox was flooded the other day when the Institute of Medicine released their review of the literature regarding adverse reactions and vaccines. The most controversial issue of course being the relationship between autism and vaccines. According to the IOM the evidence favors a rejection of a causal relationship between MMR vaccine and autism.

A few things before we go any further. First, I am not going to rely on what some blogger reports regarding the IOM study. Second, I’m not going to rely on the IOM’s interpretation of the data. Third – neither should you.

The report is over 600 pages long and if we really want to know what it says we better read it otherwise its like reading an abstract of a research paper and thinking that what’s stated in the abstract is an accurate interpretation of what’s in the actual paper itself.     

What’s that you say? You don’t have the time nor the talent to sit down and digest and then critically evaluate a 600 page research paper? OK, then don’t but please make sure you support those who will and those who will actually do something about it once they do.

Take 2 minutes right now and send a donation to the National Vaccine Information Center and let Barbara Loe Fisher and her team know that you support what she is doing and the sacrifices they have made. The NVIC is currently conducting a study comparing health outcomes in vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. If this is the kind of research you think needs to be done – send them a message with your wallet.