Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania REJECTS ACA's X-ray Guidelines

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Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania REJECTS ACA's X-ray Guidelines

Describes ACA's efforts as an attempt to severely limit the management of the subluxation

The Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania (CFoP) has issued a REJECTION of the ACA's x-ray guidelines. CFoP joins a growing list of over two dozen trade organizations, groups, technique organizations and schools that have rejected the ACA's attempt to limit the practice of subluxation based chiropractors by denying them the necessary tools for the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation.

According to their statement the CFoP states that they are ". . . an organization that believes in the basic fundamental tenets of chiropractic and the vertebral subluxation" and describes the ACA's adoption of these guidelines as ". . . an attempt to severely limit the management of the VSC."

The press release reads as follows:

The Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania (CFoP) has unanimously agreed on a resolution rejecting the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) adoption of the "Choosing Wisely" X-Ray Guidelines.

The CFoP is an organization that believes in the basic fundamental tenets of chiropractic and the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC).

The ACA guidelines attempt to severely limit the management of the VSC by limiting the use of X-ray for the assessment of medical pathologies.

A fundamental tool utilized for the detection, analysis, and correction of VSC is a spinal x-ray. Spinal x-rays are essential in many chiropractic techniques especially upper cervical specific techniques.

Limiting x-rays would limit necessary criteria needed for not only upper cervical techniques but many other chiropractic techniques such as Gonstead. Limiting spinal x-rays for subluxation would restrict  asymptomatic care, preventative care, family care and maintenance care.

The CFoP has always been a subluxation based organization. We believe chiropractic radiographs to be a valuable and safe tool to allow doctors of chiropractic to practice with certainty, safety and excellence.

For these reasons we reject the ACA “Choosing Wisely” Guidelines.

Chiropractically yours,
CFoP Board of Directors


The following is a list of the current groups, technique organizations, state and national associations, foundations and schools that have rejected the ACA's actions:

  • Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation
  • International Federation of Chiropractors & Organizations
  • International Chiropractors Association
  • Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors
  • Florida Chiropractic Society
  • Georgia Chiropractic Council
  • Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association 
  • Idaho Chiropractic Physicians Association
  • Nevada Chiropractic Council, 
  • New York Chiropractic Council 
  • Connecticut Chiropractic Council 
  • Illinois Prairie State Association 
  • New Hampshire State Chiropractic Association 
  • New Mexico Chiropractic Council 
  • Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
  • Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania
  • Michigan Association of Chiropractors 
  • Washington State Chiropractic Association
  • Chiropractic Society of Texas
  • Texas Chiropractic Association
  • Alliance of New Mexico Chiropractors
  • Delta Sigma Chi
  • Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association
  • Sherman College of Chiropractic
  • Chiropractic Biophysics
  • Pierce Results System
  • ChiroFutures Malpractice Insurance Program

The ACA, the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), and the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) along with authors of recently published anti-x-ray papers, have framed the issue of taking of x-rays for the purposes of ruling out contraindications to care, biomechanical analysis, subluxation analysis, post care outcomes and pathology as a threat to public health.

"Its important for everyone to remember that this isn't just about x-rays" stated Matthew McCoy DC, MPH, "the guidelines the ACA are pushing are not only related to x-ray - they have far reaching consequences and are directly related to the wider effort to eliminate the management of vertebral subluxation in a salutogenic model."

Beyond that, the past Chairman of the Board of the ACA sits on the Colorado Board of Chiropractic and has openly called for the elimination of subluxation based chiropractors and stated there is no evidence to support the use of surface EMG. Add to these issues the witch hunts in Canada, Australia and the UK and its clear they are all part of the larger scheme.

According to several sources the ACA Guidelines are already being used against chiropractors in several states and legal action has ensued. Of course they are also spreading globally with their adoption in Australia.

And in what can only be described as intrusive and quite frightening, the ACA has engaged the Food and Drug Administration, state radiation programs, the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD), the American Chiropractic College of Radiology, the American College of Radiology, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, and the Medical Imaging Technology Alliance to gather radiation output and utilization data from chiropractic clinics.

They want you to allow government inspectors to come to your office and kick your tires and look under your hood. But don't worry its being done in the interest of "public health".

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In addition to these, there are a number of other groups, organizations and schools in the midst of passing resolutions and these include several upper cervical technique organizations among others that utilize x-ray to determine and characterize the biomechanical component of subluxation.

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