Alliance of Chiropractors in New Mexico Reject ACA Guidelines
01/19/2019 - 23:19 – of vertebral subluxation. The ACA, the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC), and the Council ...
Last updated 2 years 38 weeks ago
FVS Responds to ICA President’s Open Letter
11/25/2013 - 22:36 – statement has been uttered repeatedly by those in the ICA in regards to the CCE, the WFC, the ACA and other ...
Last updated 7 years 46 weeks ago
CCE Letter to USDOE Released - Claims Committee Decision was Unfair
04/12/2012 - 15:07 – membership dues in the WFC are based on membership numbers and that this is consistent with 6000 members in ...
Last updated 8 years 49 weeks ago